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Need An Extra Million? Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Need An Extra Million? Try an Initial Coin Offering. If you don’t understand how to raise funds through an initial coin offering (“ICO”), you should begin by forgetting everything you know about securities law. The ICO does have some resemblance to an IPO, an initial public offering, in that it is a statement of optimism […]


Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards

Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards I was honoured to be attend the Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards last week, where Lawyers Weekly recognises the achievements of women who have challenged, influenced or changed the practice of law in Australia.  It was a well attended event and I was privileged to be amongst such amazing […]


Understanding Case Citators

In this latest video blog Natalie gives a brief overview of some of the differences between databases on the market and in particular the case citators including CaseBase, FirstPoint, LawCite and Jade Barnet. A case citator provides a summary of the case, and importantly tells us what has happened since the case. Specifically, have the courts continued to follow the […]


Find Australian cases using Jade

Find Australian cases using Jade, Jade is a case database published by the NSW Bar Association. It’s free and it does some really amazing things. You’ll find it here – https://jade.barnet.com.au. Up until about 1957, the Bar Association have scanned the Commonwealth Law Reports for the High Court cases. So if you need to cite earlier […]


Finding obscure legal cases in Australia

Keep these steps handy by downloading – Tip Sheet 2 – How to find obscure legal cases in Australia. This video shows you how to find Supreme Court cases you can’t find elsewhere. These are often old, unreported decisions that haven’t been made widely available. There will often be no other place you’ll find these cases, unless […]


eLearning: What’s Hot for 2014 (Part 2)

Natalie shares some more inspiring tips and trends for professional development for Lawyers. Natalie originally put this video together for the CLEAA (Continuing Legal Education Association of Australia) conference. Tip Summary Consider How We ‘Package’ Training We need to consider how we package our message: how to deliver our training and sell it so people want to […]


eLearning: What’s hot for 2014 (part 1)

After attending DevLearn (one of the largest eLearning conferences in the world) in Las Vegas, Natalie shares some inspiring tips and trends for improving learning in the context of professional development for Lawyers. Natalie originally put this video together for the CLEAA (Continuing Legal Education Association of Australia) conference. Find out more about eLearning: What’s hot for […]


Finding Commonwealth Legislation

Watch a short video from Natalie about how to find Commonwealth Legislation. You need to use the official version of legislation – at a Commonwealth level, this is produce by CommLaw. Watch out for more hints and tips from Natalie about legal research and whatever else takes her fancy.


Where does online learning fit into your firm’s professional development landscape?

Face to face learning continues to be the primary method of professional development in the legal sector but what is the future for the delivery of online learning? Changes in employee demographics, costs pressures and changes in technology create both challenges and opportunities for new ways of delivering learning and development to lawyers. All industries […]