Natalie shares some more inspiring tips and trends for professional development for Lawyers. Natalie originally put this video together for the CLEAA (Continuing Legal Education Association of Australia) conference.

Tip Summary

Consider How We ‘Package’ Training

We need to consider how we package our message: how to deliver our training and sell it so people want to come along. For example, Josh Bell, a famous violinist busked in a subway station. In 45 minutes only a few people stopped and he made a total of $32. Only 2 days prior he sold out a theatre in Boston where the seat price averaged $100.

It’s about how we package our offering, even when the quality doesn’t change. For us that means we consider what we call our courses, how we present them, and how we match them to the job. For example, our Acceptable Use Agreements course should really be called Do you know how your staff are using the internet? because that’s essentially what it’s about.

Training Should Change Behaviour

You cannot teach if you don’t understand how we learn. Knowledge is only a small part of the equation. It’s really about application, retention and changing behaviour.

I liked the concept of the “Forgetting Curve”. An hour after we learn, we’ve forgotten 30%. Within 24 hrs, we’ve lost 70% of the information. Within 7 days we’ve only retained 10%. So it’s really about boosting learning after the session. You can’t just go to a session, you have to keep following up. One powerful way is by testing. By doing quizzes after the session, you’re making your brain think that there’s a lot of things I’ve learnt today, but the component in the quiz is really important.