Face to face learning continues to be the primary method of professional development in the legal sector but what is the future for the delivery of online learning?

Changes in employee demographics, costs pressures and changes in technology create both challenges and opportunities for new ways of delivering learning and development to lawyers.

All industries and professions are facing an aging workforce and a diminishing pool of employees.   The proportion of the working population aged over 55 exceeds that of those under 25.   As these workers reach retirement the challenge of retaining young talented employees will be paramount for employers including law firms.

In a detailed study conducted by KPMG in the Funds Management sector, “Gen Y” comprised 20% of employees of those organisations.  They seek much greater work/life balance and workplace flexibility than their predecessors, more inclined to “job” hop and less concerned about future financial stability.

In a climate where talent retention should be a serious focus, are the learning needs of these employees being met? Gen Y is used to a multitude of media sources and devices and they want, and expect mobility.   Learning needs to be delivered in a variety of new mediums and these are very often a more cost effective option for organisations than the old model of 100% face to face learning.