We’ve recently released two new CPD courses focusing on the McCabe case. The author of both courses is Camille Cameron, Dean of Law, University of Windsor (read more about the author here).

Procedural issues raised in the McCabe case – Part 1

This course looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using email in negotiation.  It recognises the increased use of email in negotiations and questions how effective email really is in the negotiation process. It provides an interesting opportunity to reflect on how you are currently using email and what are the traps you need to avoid.

The course is designed to:

  • establish some of the limitations when using email in any negotiation and what are the risks involved
  • what are the benefits and when can email be an effective tool for a negotiation
  • provide a checklist of things to remember when using email in business.

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Ethical issues raised in the McCabe case – Part 2

This course focuses on the ethical issues raised in the McCabe case.
It explores:
  • the tobacco litigation culture
  • the relationship between the corporate lawyers and their clients
  • the paramount duty to the court
  • the professional and ethical significance of the interdependence of corporate lawyers and their clients.

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