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CPD Interactive partners with VidVersity

CPD Interactive partners with VidVersity CPD Interactive recently partnered with VidVersity to offer a brand new tool for law firms to easily and quickly create online video course content that is trackable for CPD and compliance purposes. With just a smart phone and a microphone, firms can capture new video or make use of existing video resources. […]


Lawyers versus plain language

Lawyers versus plain language – the case for the defence Fellow lawyers, how do you plead to the following charges? That you: – recently used the terms “aforementioned’, ‘above named’ or ‘herewith’ when writing to a client? opened a sentence with the term “prima facie” outside your evening Latin class? advised your client about the […]


CLE in a changing legal world: Jordan Furlong at CLEAA

CPD Interactive were pleased to sponsor the keynote speaker Jordan Furlong at this year’s CLEAA (Continuing Legal Education Association of Australia) conference at Brisbane’s College of Law. Jordan is an Ottawa based lawyer, consultant and legal industry analyst and is an industry expert on the impact of the future of the changing legal marketplace. He is a […]