CPD Interactive partners with VidVersity

CPD Interactive recently partnered with VidVersity to offer a brand new tool for law firms to easily and quickly create online video course content that is trackable for CPD and compliance purposes.

With just a smart phone and a microphone, firms can capture new video or make use of existing video resources.  Upload your video to the VidVersity platform then it’s just 3 easy steps to your course launch:-

1. Cut and save your video into chapters

2. Add questions and other resources – weblinks to cases or legislation, printable notes or PDF files

3. Save and publish

Our VidVersity customers are fully supported with training, course design and troubleshooting and we will even build your first course for you. 

CPD Interactive is also using VidVersity to create an additional range of CPD courses which we will offer to our retail customers and corporate clients.

Click here for more information about VidVersity