How to market your Practice Area with a Landing Page

So what is a landing page and why would your practice area ever consider one when your firm has a snazzy website? After all, your practice area is mentioned, right?

But that is the very issue; your information blends in with all the other site information and probably can’t stand out. The firm website has numerous pages and covers a lot of territory. It has a menu that bounces visitors all over the site. Compared to a landing page, a website is an unfocused jumble of confusion containing a variety of objectives.

A landing page, on the other hand, features one product or idea. It is designed as one continuous page so it needs no menu. When used by businesses as part of an online marketing program, a landing page has the singular focus of capturing visitor contact information, for which some landing pages offer a free downloadable item as thanks for filling out a form. Landing pages operate as the click-through destination from an online ad, from an email campaign, from social media pages, or from standard search results.

Here’s one that epitomises focus (

Landing page example

The product is not even available yet. The only objective of the landing page is to build an list of prospects to contact when the product is ready. The sign-up button is prominent. The icon in the bottom corner leads to Instagram where you can see lots of photos and “follow” the product’s progress socially. That’s it.

Using a landing page in your law firm

So how can your law firm use a landing page? First, define the “product” you’re promoting. Keep it simple. The landing page, below, focuses solely on one law-related service: blog writing help. Other services are barely mentioned (below the fold). The focus is unmistakably on copywriting assistance for lawyers (

Landing page example2


Notice the structure. The “product” is boldly stated at the top. The following two paragraphs agitate the reader by stating a problem aching for a solution. The third paragraph begins to build faith in the solution provider. The next section overcomes predictable objections with a, “Contact us even if…” list. The unseen lower portion of the page further assures the reader about ease and affordability. A clear call to action prods with, “So click ‘Contact Us’ to complete our brief form”. The “Contact Us” button is large and green so that it stands out. Words are used sparingly.

To promote a landing page, a link might be sent to clients in an email or within a newsletter they already receive. To attract new clients, the page could also be promoted on social media or advertised through a focused Adwords campaign. And referring a prospective client to a landing page may sometimes be preferable to sending them to a complex firm site.

Landing pages are easily produced. Whomever handles your firm website should be able to create an appropriate landing page that helps you and your practice area stand out.