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CPD Interactive offers over 60 online courses for Sabelberg Morcos Lawyers in all subject areas which are now available to you and your firm through this subscription.

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Western Australia Customers

Please note if a course has not been updated in the last twelve months it does not satisfy the requirements for CPD in WA

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Simply call our support line 299657111 or email support:  We will respond as quickly as we can, and we welcome your questions and feedback.  And yes … you will receive a certificate upon completion.  If you have any issues just give us a call or email us, we are always happy to help.

CPD Interactive User Guide

Quick Facts

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Tell me more about CPD Interactive?

CPD Interactive is a boutique Australian provider of online professional development (CPD) or continuing legal education (CLE) training. It was created to offer lawyers a flexible, interactive way to meet their mandatory requirements in each of the four subject areas of ethics and professional responsibility, professional skills, substantive law, practice management and business skills. It is also our goal to build a hub of collaborative professional development learning. To learn more visit our website:

What Does online CPD mean?

By online, we mean using the internet to connect to a course. CPD Interactive provide services and content over the internet to support your continuing professional development. Online learning makes use of multimedia, including video and audio material, and interactive elements, such as quizzes and other activities designed to reinforce the learning experience. It has proven to be an effective way to learn and offers many advantages, including ready access to other online resources and applications.You can take any of our courses from your work, at home, on an PC, laptop or tablet like an iPad. All you need is access to the internet.

Can I claim CPD Point if I study online?

Yes. You can claim a CPD point for online courses that are interactive. You can claim one point for one hour of training. Our courses are designed to take about an hour to complete. Be sure to answer all the questions. At the end of the course you will be able to download your certificate.

How do I get support?

Call 1300 85 45 11 for 24-hour IT technical support (including problems with the site, accessing or using modules). For other enquiries, call us on the same number during business hours Monday to Friday, or email us at We’ll respond as quickly as we can, and we welcome your questions and feedback.