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How to keep Millenials from escaping your law firm

The future of law firms depends, whether you like it or not, on Millennials. The lawyers in your firm born after 1982 tend to have a unique vision of a professionally rewarding workplace that law firms need to appreciate in order to retain talent. And should your traditional firm be working under the illusion that the young hires will learn [...]

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CPD special – 1 week only

We have been in the business of both law and CPD for a few years now and we are always trying to make the end of year CPD ‘hurdle’ as low as possible. The reality is that very often the CPD events that are high on your priority list have been completed early in the CPD year at the annual [...]

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CPD Interactive Promotional Offer

As lawyers ourselves here at CPD Interactive, we know how getting that hour of Ethics training in before the end of the CPD year can be a little tricky. It’s hard to compete with client needs as the workload momentum starts to build in March. To give lawyers a head start and to give those who have never ventured into [...]

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Lawyers versus plain language

Lawyers versus plain language – the case for the defence Fellow lawyers, how do you plead to the following charges? That you: - recently used the terms “aforementioned’, ‘above named’ or ‘herewith’ when writing to a client? opened a sentence with the term “prima facie” outside your evening Latin class? advised your client about the “quantum” of their claim? told [...]

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New course: Preparing for tax litigation in the Federal Court

Stephen Linden, a specialist in taxation law and tax dispute resolution.  In this course, Preparing for tax litigation in the Federal Court, Stephen shares insight and offers a practical guide to preparing for taxation litigation in the Federal Court.  The course includes information on why choose the Federal Court over the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, what rights of appeal are available, when to file an [...]

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They also have a law degree: Kerry Greenwood

In his occasional column for CPD Interactive, Melbourne writer PAUL BATEMAN profiles just some of the many writers and artists who also have a law degree – including Australian author, Kerry Greenwood.   Kerry Greenwood was born and raised in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray. When she was 14, some of her classmates stole a car and were subsequently charged by [...]

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